Revolutionizing contemporary art by translating cultural narratives.
ModA Curations is dedicated to representing the narratives of diverse artists and spotlighting the personal and universal evocations of their visual art as language. Through hosting bi-annual exhibitions, we aim to put contemporary art into conversation with Anthropology. 

Our Impact
ModA Curations serves as a cultural archive, building a library of resistance, reclamation, and representation. Anthropology is the exploration of what makes us human; in sociocultural anthropology, we call attention to and translate the socio-cultural elements of our dynamic, diverse ways of being. As a team of anthropologists, we emphasize that issues of human prevalence are of cultural relevance. We bring critical frames that challenge how we experience and reflect on being human to the forefront of the art world through artists’ storytelling. As an institution, we champion artists as educators of their own experiences, thereby challenging pre-existing art world metrics by using anthropology to reimagine how art can be valued. We emphasize how we can, through art, explore the complexity of human experiences. 

ModA Curations works with artists to showcase their visions, and narratives through an anthropological lens. Our biannual exhibition is a transformative journey that bridges art and anthropology, examining the creative and cultural elements of being human. 

Market Opportunity
The art world is evolving, and there are growing opportunities for interdisciplinary exploration and creative education. At ModA, we recognize that art is a powerful medium for change. We are dedicated to promoting diverse artists as educators and their works as cultural texts, and to support social movements worldwide.

Commitment to Diversity and Social Impact
At ModA Curations, we are not only committed to showcasing diverse artists, emerging creators, and underrepresented voices, but also to using our platform to support social movements globally. A significant percentage of our profits will be dedicated to initiatives that advocate for social justice, equality, and cultural diversity, and to support our artists.